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  • noun In the Philippine Islands, Parkia Roxburghii, a tree belonging to the mimosa family, with bipinnate leaves having minute leaflets and one or two glands on the petiole.


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  • Its fruit is the mabolo, or date-plum. kasamá: Tenants on the land of another, to whom they render payment in produce or by certain specified services. kogon: A tall, rank grass used for thatch. kris: A Moro dagger or short sword with a serpentine blade. kundíman: A native song. kupang: A large tree of the Mimosa family. kuriput: Miser, "skinflint." lanson: The langsa, a delicious cream-colored fruit about the size of a plum.

    The Social Cancer

  • There you see that gigantic kupang, which majestically waves its light foliage wherein the eagle builds his nest.

    The Social Cancer

  • Dah dekat 10 tahun aku miskin (Jangan silap faham, aku bukan nak mintak duit sesiapa atau nak claim apa yang aku memang tak kelapaq dah nak claim - walaupun sejak Disember 1986, walaupun maruah aku tidak lebih dari nilai kupang tembaga (duit satu sen) di mata keluarga yang aku kasihi.

    ~penarik beca


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