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  • Scusteister var doubleclick_ad_params = 'a=1;r=0;w=1;wg=0;wa=51;wc=US;wi=anarchy;wi=theory;wi=biodiversity;wi=environmental;wi=issues;wi=farming;wi=stories;wi=feminism;wi=horses;wi=indie;jid=5568184;kw=world;kw=peace;kw=singularity;kw=university;kw=ray;kw=kurzweil;c=jo;pt=jo';

    scusteister: Singularity University

  • *Brother Ray is Ray Kurzweil. var doubleclick_ad_params = 'a=1;r=0;w=1;wg=0;wa=51;wc=US;wi=anarchy;wi=theory;wi=biodiversity;wi=environmental;wi=issues;wi=farming;wi=stories;wi=feminism;wi=horses;wi=indie;jid=5568184;kw=ray;kw=kurzweil;kw=tree-hugger;kw=star;kw=traveller;kw=racial;kw=differentiation;kw=tv-watcher;kw=post;kw=singularity;c=jo;pt=jo';

    scusteister: MSNBC Weighs in on the Post-Singularitans

  • I've been thinking about kurzweil for a while and your post was a catalyst for me to take another step.

    the brain is not a computer

  • Technorati Tags: ray kurzweil, modern day alchemist, technologyLabels: Technology

    Ray Kurzweil's Suggestions

  • They'd figured a way to move the musicians under cover so Roger's vintage kurzweil wouldn't short out if it did rain.

    art museum, the original apes, Nosferatu, club

  • This is the only way I can buy the whole kurzweil thing and only if the difference is not noticable by the individual or an outside observer.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • As computational speed increases and interconnexions too. by nightgaunt on Sunday, Dec 7, 2008 at 1: 45: 13 PM great points, nightgaunt by Better World Order on Sunday, Dec 7, 2008 at 2: 26: 48 PM kurzweil link by Better World Order on Sunday, Dec 7, 2008 at 2: 28: 32 PM

    OpEdNews - Quicklink: The Data Explosion and the Scientific Method

  • I know others will disagree with this, but I think we could start with smart government as a means of working together across political divides, then still have our discussions about the actual size some always favoring less, others more from that place. tags technorati : kurzweil tags technorati : adpative enterprise tags technorati : complexity tags technorati : resiliency posted by CJ Smith @ 12:28 PM 0 comments Indistinct Union: Christianity, Integral Philosophy, and Politics

    Seed in multiple directions, see which pans out, and then dive into that stream

  • By virty, November 24, 2009 @ 10:02 pm innocuous bobby …. inoculate more like it … there’s this puss oozing out of the pixels on the screen, my mouse has developed granulomas on it’s bottom and my kurzweil voice xpress has a recurring case of yaws, manifested by to, too, two and tutus contagious lesions at 16744 hertz the pitch /note that comes out of your average crt teev.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Jeezus Keerist Bob, I said make yourself at home… not make yourself a home, like a fucking homeless person.

  • AI is like cost-effective fusion: it always seems to be 10-20 years away. lets face it, he's created a lot of wealth in the private sector, thats like an uber genius badge that occludes all other considerations. after all - the std deviations of intellectuals are ultimately in the same 2nd deviation of actual cognitive and capacative range - they are simply more motivated, ambitious, or have some entitlement catapult. that is to say, the kurzweil crowd represents the confluence of science and divinity. its scientology 2.0

    MachineMachine (formerly 'The Huge Entity')


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