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  • n. Alternative spelling of kvass.


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  • Eastern Europeans turn old rye bread into kvas, which is the soured base for a variety of soups and also a drink.

    At My Table

  • Coca-Cola Coca-Cola swooped into Russia with its signature cola in the early 1990s, but is now aggressively rolling out new products, including its own brand of "kvas," a bitter drink made from grains that contains a trace amount of alcohol.

    Coke Trades in Fizz for Russian Tastes

  • He denies the allegation, and said that he often visited London and visited Mr. Litvinenko to promote his side business exporting kvas—a traditional Russian beverage made from fermented rye.

    Russia Says Poison Suspect Is Victim

  • Both, however, are made with what she calls "naturally soured beet juice", a kind of kvas, or fermented liquor, which fits with the Polish and Russian taste for sweet and sour flavours identified by Lesley Chamberlain.

    How to cook perfect borscht

  • Buildings in the center are ca. 100 years old, there are also palaces, museums, fortresses, boat rides on the canals that criss-cross the city, restaurants, fast food both international and Russian (recommended, try blini and kvas).

    Matthew Yglesias » Krakow

  • Introduced last May, in limited distribution, Kruzhka i Bochka picked up a modest 1.7% share of the kvas market for the first ten months of 2008, making it the eighth-largest kvas brand, according to Russian market research firm Business Analytica.

    Coke Bets on Russia for Sales

  • Sold in big yellow cisterns on the street during the Soviet era, kvas virtually disappeared after state-run breweries ran low on cash.

    Coke Bets on Russia for Sales

  • Among Coke's new drinks in Russia is its kvas, Kruzhka i Bochka (Russian for "Mug and Barrel").

    Coke Bets on Russia for Sales

  • Coke niche drinks like kvas aren't as cost-efficient to manufacture as big soda brands and don't have broad enough consumer appeal to market globally.

    Coke Bets on Russia for Sales

  • Another brand, called Pershin, distributed by a joint venture between Pepsi and its bottler, is the third best-selling kvas.

    Coke Bets on Russia for Sales


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