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  • v. Present participle of kvetch.
  • n. Persistent complaining.


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  • This week David Brooks of The New York Times described what he called the kvetching among aides who surround any powerful figure: They bond by moaning and about the idiots on the outside.

    The Culture Of Kvetching

  • But the gold medal in kvetching has to go to the various Olympic bodies who are still sorting out what to do about Hamm's gold in the men's all-around gymnastics. - Games win gold medal

  • I recall kvetching that I had to put more and more garlic in my red sauces to taste it.

    Archive 2005-08-01

  • Essentially, Brooks says everyone in DC pisses and moans about everyone else all the time and reporters should let them blow off steam and do their "kvetching" in peace.

    Kirk Cheyfitz: Axing the General and the Journalist: Was Their Privacy Violated?

  • Here in the deep south we are mighty particular about our Yiddish - we would spell it "kvetching" and excoriate anyone who didn't spell it that way and assume that person was provincial, maybe even a bit backwards.

    Why are so many Democrats still doubting Obama?

  • I listen, offered platitudes and then advised that she insist on a kind of kvetching Richter scale; ANY complaining coming from an issue of less than a 4 or 5 magnitude could be mentioned, otherwise, the wolf should stay its cries.

    Heart issues and food poisoning « The Life and Times of Organic Mama

  • To be close to a public official means that you endure a good amount of "kvetching" from them, and reporters are under no obligation to publish this venting but for the fact that the modern media is obsessed with spats and inside baseball.

    All Stories | The New York Observer

  • The piece, titled "The Culture of Exposure," makes the argument that Stanley McChrystal's vocal disdain for executive authority (Brooks simply calls it "kvetching") shouldn't have gotten him fired. Main RSS Feed

  • #1 Of course, the overarching point of the article, that we peons shouldn't worry about the who, and that any criticism we do is mere "kvetching" (as opposed to its being an essential part of the democratic process), is both puerile and condescending - ie. typical Daily Kos crap. published

  • The best part is that she seems totally normal, like she could be one of your girlfriends, kvetching about those five pounds she gained on vacation or debating whether John Cusack is hotter than John Mayer.

    Skipping a Beat


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