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  • adj. persistently whining or complaining


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Yiddish קוועטשן (kvetshn, to complain).


  • Yes, Jewish moms tour the camps a year in advance to make sure it's the perfect fit for their kvetchy camper.

    Wendy Sachs: Chinese Moms Vs. Jewish Moms: Who Is Mother Superior?

  • I'm generally the easygoing type; I found GHIII-era cartooniness to be sorta cute, I'm not in the business of calling anyone sellouts (not in print, at least!), and I understand the Rock Band preference that most of my friends and colleagues maintain -- excepting a surly, kvetchy period of resistant resentment at the game's launch when it appeared that everyone I knew professionally received a free copy except for me.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • The baby was crying, hungry, tired, and kvetchy from being forced to sit in one place for so long.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Cat

  • Just as Pekar looked like a different guy depending on who was drawing him, the filmmakers present him in four guises: as played -- with pained, kvetchy brilliance -- by Paul Giamatti; as an animated black-and-white figure; as he appeared in clips from his ranting guest spots on TV, and as himself -- a pugnacious, gravel-voiced man giving a running commentary on his life and the movie we're watching.

    Shredding The Envelope

  • Next to Val Waxman, the cripplingly neurotic New York filmmaker played by Woody Allen in his new comedy, "Hollywood Ending," most of Allen's kvetchy, self-doubting heroes look like models of mental health.

    Flying Blind

  • His kvetchy parents, Janet and Martin (Kathy Bates and Barry Levinson) would be horrified if he married a wasp.

    Sweet ‘Bee Movie’—More Plot, Please

  • In one episode, Bauer was even frustrated by a kvetchy, hair-splitting civil-liberties lawyer.

    Et Tu, Jack? 24 Turns Against the President - Tuned In -

  • Not a ton, but enough that you can see read a well written and enjoyable if angry or kvetchy or what have you blog by black writers.

    Lunch Discussions #213: Canaries and Meth

  • Back in the suite with her teammates, she began to speculate about which of their kvetchy restaurant diners might have torpedoed the team's reviews.

    Archive 2004-10-01

  • Ms. Hutton, on the other hand, was less than enthused about this project: The alligator-wranglin ', motorcycle-ridin' beauty was actually rather kvetchy.

    Pater Is Burning! Rad Dads in Drag


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