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  • n. The wild ass of Tibet, Equus hemionus. It is over four feet high at the shoulder, of a dark-reddish color, with a narrow stripe along the back.


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  • I remember very little detail apart from a great sense of wonder at everything I saw: the vast herds of drong (wild yaks) ranging across the plains, the smaller groups of kyang (wild asses) and occasionally a shimmer of gowa and nawa, small deer which were so light and fast they might have been ghosts.

    From Birth to Exile

  • Outrageous arrogance (nga-rgyal-las-kyang nga-rgyal) is a puffed-up mind that feels I am better than someone superior to myself in some quality.

    Mind and Mental Factors: The Fifty-one Types of Subsidiary Awareness

  • On the other hand, there were numerous herds of kyang, which in the early mornings came to drink of the water by which the camps were pitched.

    Among the Tibetans

  • Herds of the kyang, the wild horse of some naturalists, and the wild ass of others, graceful and beautiful creatures, graze within gunshot of the track without alarm, I had thought Ladak windy, but Rupchu is the home of the winds, and the marches must be arranged for the quietest time of the day.

    Among the Tibetans

  • He trots and gallops, and when alarmed gallops fast, but as he is not worth hunting, he has not a great dread of humanity, and families of kyang frequently grazed within two hundred and fifty yards of us.

    Among the Tibetans

  • Such examples as the Russian Chudo-Yudo (a dragon), the Chinese ping-pang “rattling of rain on the roof, ”21 the Tibetan kyang-kyong “lazy, ” and the Manchu porpon parpan “blear-eyed” are curiously reminiscent, both in form and in psychology, of words nearer home.

    Chapter 4. Form in Language: Grammatical Processes

  • The kyang allows his pursuer to approach no nearer than five or six hundred yards; he then trots off, turns, looks and waits till you are almost within distance, when he is off again.

    Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon

  • One of a tiny group of specialist traditional printers, Paljor Norbu was born in Mongka kyang, in Nyemo Valley, a village southwest of Lhasa, and became an apprentice printer at age eleven.

    Phayul Latest News

  • Click here to meet me! my name\'s tia. in the kyang, wouldnt trade it for the world. i live in louisville. and i\'m single. never take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway ...

    Girls of HOT or NOT

  • Further on, at page 442, he-adds: "We saw many herds of the kyang, and I made numerous attempts to bring one down, but with invariably bad success.

    Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon


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