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  • n. A Japanese form of archery.


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Japanese 弓道 (kyūdō)


  • Instead of playing little league (which I did, too) I grew up practicing kyudo, ikebana, attending Buddhist seminaries at Shambhala Mountain Center and serving as sergeant major at Shambhala Sun Summer Camps (kinda the Buddhist version of Boy and Girl Scouts).

    Waylon Lewis: Buddhist Advice For Tough Times... via Sakyong Mipham

  • Kendo will probably give you a better handle on a sword than kyudo, but probably not as much as iaido.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • If you want to shoot targets with a bow and arrow, kyudo is apt to serve you better than kendo.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • It's just that the modern version of kyudo isn't really designed for that.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • Were my circumstances different I'd practice kyudo.

    [ikebana] the art of floral arrangement

  • My kyudo instructor also mentioned jousting as a sport he'd like in the olympics.

    olympic sports continued

  • If you want to learn how to use a knife, you don't take karate lessons; if you want to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, you get into kyudo, not kendo ...

    Karate is Deadly, but ...

  • I do kyudo down in Southern California, and I'm pretty happy to see you doing a samurai tale with archery.

    It Begins: and the readers have chosen...

  • Finally, he stepped into the hakama, the traditional black divided skirt worn now only by those who had mastered kendo, kyudo, sumo or held dan-black belt-ranking in aikido.

    The Miko

  • Nippostrongylus kendo kyu nisei kesa-gatame kyudo No keyaki linked verse nogaku kiaki mai noh kibei maiko nori kiku makimono norimon Kikuchi mama-san norito kikumon mamushi noshi kikyo mana notan ki-mon matsu nunchakus kimono matsuri oban kimono sleeve matsuyama, adj. obang kin mebos obe kiri medaka obi kirigami Meiji odori kirimon menuki ofuro kirin metake o-goshi koan miai oiran mikado ojime sub mikan Okayama, adj. kobang Mikimoto Okazaki kobe, adj.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol IX No 1


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