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  • n. Alternative spelling of leet. Aphetic form of elite.


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  • Two extremely funny threads that show what the first two Lord of the Rings movies would have sounded like, if they were written in l33t speak.

    March 2005

  • If only Lucas had the guts to subtitle the Ep. III trailer in l33t speak.

    April 2005

  • Completely an aside, but my word verification for this comment is "l33t" speak for "your mullet"..

    TED Talks: Jill Bolte Taylor's "My Stroke Of Insight"

  • But let's face it, no ordinary cocktail is 'l33t' enough to pass the lips of a true gamer, which leaves us all in quite the pickle.

    The Escapist : Latest News

  • Also, remember that some dictionaries used in attacks have a "l33t" mode, which allows common letter/number-to-special character substitutions (like changing a-@, i-1, o-0 and s = $, for example, password = p@$$w0rd).

    InformationWeek - All Stories And Blogs

  • I'm sorry if I've annoyed anybody with stupid requests, but the bonus is that I've finally discovered what the fuck 'l33t' and 'pwn' means (World of Weirdcraft or something …).

    Irish Blogs

  • And I want to bring in money through my l33t BARCC skills or my administrative demigoddessness, and not be forced to look at things precious to me as something that must be monetized.

    So hi.

  • Maybe the world is doomed to devolve into a den of textspeak and l33t and People Who Simply Can't Be Bothered, but it has not happened yet.

    "My killer, my lover."

  • Nothing on earth kills the illusion of a NeoVictorian steampunk dystopia quicker than candy-colored anthropomorphic rabbits and foxes who can't be bothered to stay in character or speak anything but l33t.

    "Ko agi agi boroi tika oli oe lau?"*

  • Another thing that pleases me about Twitter is that, at least among the people who are following me thus far (362), and those I'm following (57), there's been, in more than three days, almost no l33t or lolspeak or emoticons.

    Only half awake, she types just fine, Sir.


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