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  • n. A colleague working in the same laboratory.


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lab +‎ mate


  • This labmate is the type of person who feels woefully insecure about himself and compensates by embellishing all of his (minor) accomplishments to the exteme.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • But since my labmate are a very considerate lots, we went to a nice restaurant.

    kieli Diary Entry

  • Thankfully, my labmate, Emily Morgan, ended up saying some great stuff about it in a comment elsewhere.

    Guest Post: What’s the Logic of Language? « Motivated Grammar

  • Point #2 follows by noting that I am a superstar writer and presenter (while possessing a less-than-positively-brilliant mind) and my labmate sucks ass at organized communication.

    Smartness and Communication

  • And although there has been noticeable growling by some of my labmates, I've also received quite a bit of congratulations, and one labmate yesterday told me that "everyone is talking about it".

    Some Kind of Recognition

  • Thus, we have a demonstration that my super-smart labmate has a wonderful tolerance for shitty presentation skills because his complicated mind can make sense of all of the mumbo-jumbo bullshit thrown at him.

    Smartness and Communication

  • I'm in San Diego (not back until Tuesday, IS), or rather La Jolla, for meetings today and tomorrow morning, but flew down on Saturday to hang out with an old labmate who lives here now.

    Archive: Oct 08 - Mar 09

  • Guess you'd better have that chat with your stinky labmate before the two of you wind up next to each other for hours on an international flight, huh?

    High Five for Much Success

  • One particular labmate started talking about fellowships, and about how we had received an announcement for what appeared to be an applicable fellowship the week before, but upon further reading, it turned out to be a fellowship for the study of eating disorders (which has nothing to do with our Mango research).

    Stupid Is As Stupid Does

  • However, my labmate and collaborator Timothy O'Donnell has been working on a computational model that involves abstract grammatical categories but nonetheless stores high-frequency constructions which has been allowed but not specifically explained on many grammatical theories such as Pinker's Words & Rules theory that are the traditional alternatives to item-based theories.

    Cognitive Science, April 2010


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