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  • n. Yogurt that has been strained to filter or remove the whey, which thus has a consistency between that of yoghurt and cheese.


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From Arabic لبنة‎‎ (lábna).


  • In households throughout Lebanon, labneh is consumed on a daily basis.

    Lebneh and Lebanese Cuisine

  • Hi Gini, labne or labneh is Greek/Middle eastern yogurt cheese.

    Kefir cheese and pistachio cake for SHF « Salt and Pepper.

  • An easier alternate is using labneh, which is strained yoghurt having a cheeselike consistency.

    Amarkhand = Mango Shrikhand

  • The Pastry chef prepares a unique take on cheesecake made with labneh instead of the usual cream cheese, but last night it was the date-and-amaretti parfait flavored with mascarpone cheese which won the table.

    Jay Weston: Mezze's Marvelous Middle-Eastern Menu

  • You might be familiar with yogurt cheese as the Lebanese dish labneh, and the naan could easily pass for a Greek pita.

    Recipe: Yogurt Cheese and Naan « Dyepot, Teapot

  • The dairy cabinet was cleaned out—no yogurt, no labneh, no milk.

    Day of Honey

  • A sandwich of Arabic flatbread wrapped around labneh and cucumber, zaatar, cheese, or other fillings.

    Day of Honey

  • A wiry, gap-toothed farmer with a limp and a leathery smile, Ali made every kind of mouneh: fig jam jeweled with sesame seeds, spices mixed with rose petals, soft balls of labneh suspended in olive oil as thick and sweet as dark green honey.

    Day of Honey

  • It's also important Dimbleby gets a taste of Armenian mezze in what used to be the Armenian ghetto – standout dishes are a crunchy filled pasta with meat and tomato baked in labneh, and muhammara, a spicy dip.

    A taste of Beirut

  • But as Mouzawak says, watching everyone tuck in: "If not religion or politics … at least tabbouleh, kebbeh, labneh and mankouche are what Lebanese unanimously share."

    A taste of Beirut


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