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  • n. Plural form of labyrinth.


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  • AS you walk through the industrial towns you lose yourself in labyrinths of little brick houses blackened by smoke, festering in planless chaos round miry alleys and little cindered yards where there are stinking dust-bins and lines of grimy washing and half-ruinous w.c.s. The interiors of these houses are always very much the same, though the number of rooms varies between two or five.

    The Road to Wigan Pier

  • It's truly exciting to see churches making use of a wide range of historic and experiential spiritual practices, such as labyrinths, body prayers, praying the hours, meditation using the repetition of historical prayers and liturgies like the Jesus Prayer, lectio divina, the integration of art and physical practices into prayer, fasting, the use of contemporary and historical symbols and icons, and the restoration and veneration of the Eucharist and baptism in traditions that once minimized these rites.

    Missional Church Network

  • Now I can't listen to Autechre's album without conjuring up mental images of the desolate underground labyrinths, deadly robotic machinery and hurtling through corridors and mine shafts at breakneck speeds.

    Gaming Soundtracks (and not the kind you’re thinking!)

  • It's all here: villainous publishers who may or not be the devil, improbable body counts, vertiginous plot twists, tormented artists, underground labyrinths, haunted castles, impossible loves, and pretty ladies.

    Possibly We Got A Little Carried Away With Our Holiday Gift Recommendations

  • Or hung out with college friends long into the night, discoursing of the perils, perambulations and labyrinths of our lives?

    X, Foreword by Ken Bingham

  • While the possibilities do indeed seem endless, we have to realize that we might get lost if we actually do run away from home; we might get really sick if we drink that whiskey; our lovers might break our hearts; we might never be able to figure out the labyrinths of life; and we have no idea how to actually be a parent ourselves.

    X, Foreword by Ken Bingham

  • As Eugenia Bone notes in her engaging trawl through the labyrinths of mycophilia "From the Greek, myco = fungus, philos = loving", fungi are no longer regarded as plants.

    What's Magic About Mushrooms

  • Novelist Michèle Roberts who worked there, relives the joy of losing herself in its labyrinths

    'Let them buy their own books'

  • And in my book-walled den, the mausoleum of the thoughts of men, I take my drink, and other drinks, and roust out the sleeping dogs from the recesses of my brain and hallo them on over the walls of prejudice and law and through all the cunning labyrinths of superstition and belief.

    Chapter 36

  • It has been maintained in a fair state of preservation, and the curious visitor may to-day tread its labyrinths to the assembly hall, where, without doubt, occurred the scene described by Avis Everhard.

    Chapter 19: Transformation


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