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  • adv. In a manner that lacerates.


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lacerating +‎ -ly


  • In an age of penny-pinching small-scale shows, Mr. Letts's laceratingly black tragicomedy about an Oklahoma family on the verge of disintegration was a spectacular exception to the iron rule of economy, a 3½-hour monster that demanded a giant set and a cast of 13.

    Those Who Cannot Do…

  • I think these are not only some of the most beautifully acted comic scenes in contemporary filmmaking, they have the added bite of being laceratingly critical of contemporary values and inanities.

    Nigel Hamilton: Still Chuckling Over Woody, the Next Day

  • Jonathan Epstein, who plays the self-laceratingly jealous King Leontes, starts off in a low, intimate key, then unleashes his dark fury so persuasively that you almost want to look away from the stage.

    A Fresh Look at Rotten Marriages

  • The Canadian Press said that Maher dissects organized religion, but he's doing it in his laceratingly funny, typically sardonic way ...

    Must Watch: Bill Maher's Religulous Trailer! «

  • Both authors use the device to good effect, Bruen laceratingly so.

    Eco chamber: Is your favorite crime series a closed text?

  • There is something "laceratingly, inhumanly, and unfailingly superficial" about them, as if, having been rescued from madness (or from a spell), they must tread carefully for fear of falling back into it.

    The Genius of Robert Walser

  • Adios, dear reader -- and let's all meet for a tall Cuba Libre in laceratingly liberated Havana.

    American Tabloid

  • This brought instant relief, but the next day it was laceratingly painful when she had to start walking again.

    Wild Swans

  • He read on; and his pleasure was so exquisite and his pain so laceratingly sharp that the sky and the acids swam round and round.

    The Devil's Garden

  • She's also got a laceratingly low opinion of the world, including her woeful sister Joy (Shirley Henderson), who is finally driven to ask, in her mousy manner, why Helen makes fun of her. Top Stories


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