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  • adj. Alternative spelling of lackluster.


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  • His eyes had gone lack-lustre, and he, too, was seeing with inner vision.

    Chapter XII

  • His shoulders drooped depressingly, and his eyes were lack-lustre.


  • His eyes went lack-lustre, and he lay back on the pillow, pulling the blanket about him and up to his chin.

    Chapter 25

  • After she left him he sat drearily, with drooping shoulders, on the edge of the bed, gazing about him with lack-lustre eyes that saw nothing until the torn wrapper of a magazine, which had come in the morning's mail and which lay unopened, shot a gleam of light into his darkened brain.

    Chapter 40

  • Why else would a lack-lustre entity such as Palin get so much public exposure?

    Poll: Iowa Republicans like Palin, but have doubts

  • Then again, it seems as though the paper's readership is becoming aware of its lack-lustre content and deserting in droves.

    Sunday Express runs advertorial 'news story'

  • A series of lack-lustre reviews have flayed the increasingly fragile confidence of world-renowned concert pianist Philip Morahan.

    45 entries from March 2008

  • Through the gloom one could dimly catch a glimpse of bodies lying in strange fantastic poses, bowed shoulders, bent knees, heads thrown back, and chins pointing upward, with here and there a dark, lack-lustre eye turned upon the newcomer.

    Sole Music

  • The telegraphed plot, stolen bit by bit from other movies, and a lack-lustre finale make The Morgans a near insufferable mess.

    Holiday Viewing

  • I was thinking something green in base, but they're all a bit lack-lustre that I've seen on the site.

    October 27th, 2008


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