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  • noun organic chemistry A selective proteosome inhibitor found in Streptomyces bacteria.


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  • Here's the question: Just found out that lactacystin is an inhibitor of proteosome activity and may therefore be related to experimentally induced Alzheimers.

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  • The cleavage of GAD67 was sensitive to the proteasome inhibitors MG132, YU102 and lactacystin, and was also abrogated by the E1 ubiquitin ligase inhibitor UBEI-41.

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  • Therefore, three proteasomal inhibitors, MG132, clasto-lactacystin β-lactone and epoxomicin, were tested for their ability to suppress the ENC1-induced decrease in Nrf2 expression.

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  • Yew EH, Cheung NS, Choy MS, Qi RZ, Lee AY, et al. (2005) Proteasome inhibition by lactacystin in primary neuronal cells induces both potentially neuroprotective and pro-apoptotic transcriptional responses: a microarray analysis.

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  • The aim of this project is to establish a rapid and efficient total synthesis of the proteolytic enzyme inhibitors lactacystin, PS-519, the core structure of

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  • Transfected cells were treated with proteasome inhibitors MG132 (M) (10 µM), clasto-lactacystin β-lactone (Lac) (10 µM) or epoxomicin (Ep) (1 µM), or lysosome inhibitors chloroquine (Ch) (50 µM) or ammonium chloride (Ac) (50 mM) for 4 hr before cells were lysed at

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  • Similar levels of induction were observed when clasto-lactacystin β-lactone or epoxomicin was used (

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