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  • n. Having horizontal stripes on the back, reminiscent of a ladder; -- used of birds.


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  • Compare this bird with the golden-fronted woodpecker that has yellow on the forehead and back of the neck; the red-headed woodpecker that has an all-red head and neck, and the ladder-backed woodpecker that has a black-and-white striped head.

    Mystery bird: red-bellied woodpecker, Melanerpes carolinus

  • The ladder-backed woodpecker can be distinguished from several congeners: the range-restricted Nuttall's woodpecker, P. nuttallii, is noticeably darker; with narrower white stripes especially below its eyes, white feathers at the base of its upper mandible, whiter underparts, and outer tail feathers with spots.

    Mystery bird: Ladder-backed woodpecker, Picoides scalaris | @GrrlScientist

  • Here's a video of a male ladder-backed woodpecker extracting insects from the thick bark of a pine tree in Santa Fe, New Mexico video uploaded 20 April 2011:Visit ontology's YouTube channel video link.

    Mystery bird: Ladder-backed woodpecker, Picoides scalaris | @GrrlScientist

  • Response: This is an adult male ladder-backed woodpecker, Picoides scalaris, a species that specialises in arid and semi-arid habitats: wooded canyons, cottonwood groves, pine and pine oak woodlands, desert scrub, and desert grasslands dominated by mesquite.

    Mystery bird: Ladder-backed woodpecker, Picoides scalaris | @GrrlScientist

  • The only furniture in the room was a ladder-backed chair, a small table with a lamp on it and a round wooden tub banded in iron.

    The Devil Wears Plaid

  • At the end of the street a band of men were erecting battlements with all manner of household items: ladder-backed chairs, divans, kitchen tables, an old pianoforte that emitted an off-kilter arpeggio as it rattled across the cobblestone.

    The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre

  • He leaned it against a ladder-backed chair and removed the cloth.

    The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre

  • A mahogany table with six ladder-backed chairs was angled to take advantage of the view.

    Mistress for a Weekend

  • Miss A-W cast a scornful look over her shoulder as she crossed the sitting room and deposited herself in a ladder-backed wooden rocking chair sans a single softening cushion.

    With No One as Witness

  • He nodded to a ladder-backed chair in the corner draped with a faded blanket.

    One Night Of Scandal


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