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  • Skipper, beginning the babblings of delirium which alternated with silent moments of control in order to get below and under blankets, descended the ladder-like stairs, and Jerry, all-yearning, controlled himself in silence and watched the slow descent with the hope that when


  • A man of restless imagination, Mr. Townsend patented such inventions as a ladder-like stirrup that would enable a short person to mount a tall horse and a device that used the heat from a boat's engine to neutralize waste from the latrine.

    Inventor Had Relish for Hot Dog Making

  • The ladder-like straps and ankle closure of today's popular sandal look very much like its ancient Roman archetype.

    Tory Burch: Flats: A Brief History (PHOTOS, POLL)

  • * Futhermore, it is well known that students learning about evolution often make incorrect assumptions about how it is supposed to operate – e.g., several studies in education journals have shown that students often have an almost innate preference for a “Lamarkian” view of how adaptation comes about, or a simplistic orthogenetic or ladder-like linear view of evolution, e.g. from simple to complex, from fish to ape to man, or whatever.

    Casey Luskin: the new Wendell Bird? - The Panda's Thumb

  • Hence, like Harvard, in addition to the printed catalogue, we had an online system that had been created so that students could pre-register instead of submitting their requests on ancient, ladder-like paper documents which were processed by the registrar's office.

    The College Catalogue Goes Bye-Bye: Harvard Catches Up With Zenith At Last

  • What are the ladder-like strings strung from the three masts?

    Giudecca at the End of the 19th Century

  • Hayden reluctantly groped for the next ladder-like step.

    Sun of Suns

  • The very systematic, "ladder-like" pattern that I've seen depicted in some of the Osmanagic photos may be evidence of 90 degree rotation of tectonic stresses.

    Bosnian Psuedo-Pyramids Just Won't Die

  • This is a process that is fairly well understood in geology and can form a "ladder-like" feature in sedimentary strata with systematic joints that occurs at 90 degree angles and form during uplift and erosion.

    Bosnian Psuedo-Pyramids Just Won't Die

  • Several folks climbed back down the steep ladder-like steps to the base.

    Remember This?


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