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  • noun Plural form of lady-bug.


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  • Lady-birds (also called lady-bugs), are small, spotted beetles, broad oval in form, of bright colours, red and black, or yellow and black, or black and white.

    Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study

  • When we left the car and began the climb to the crater on foot or by the chair-bearers I noticed lying in the warm ashes a number of insects, lady-bugs, potato-bugs, and one or two larger insects very much like our June-bugs of the South.

    With Sabre and Scalpel. The Autobiography of a Soldier and Surgeon

  • He had a scientific name for the thing that was in him -- the _wanderlust_ bug, I think he called it; and he said it was better than the Chinese lady-bugs that the government imports to save California fruit.

    Thomas Jefferson Brown

  • Sech folks don't do no harm 'reound on the' arth, no more'n lady-bugs, 'nd r'a'ly, they dew help to parss away the time.

    Vesty of the Basins

  • The butterflies, the poor butterflies that have gone out of fashion in these days, played, I am ashamed to say, a large part in my life during my childhood, as did also the flies, beetles and lady-bugs and all the insects that are found upon flowers and in the grass.

    The Story of a Child

  • The females of _Coccinellæ_ ( "lady-bugs") frequently congregate and indulge in performances that cannot be anything else save pastimes.

    The Dawn of Reason or, Mental Traits in the Lower Animals

  • There were happy families of dogs and cats and lions and snakes and little humming-birds; and in the last part were all manner of bugs, down to the little lady-bugs in blazes of red and gold, and the gray fleas and mosquitoes which Sin improvised with pen and ink, in a swarm at the end.

    Real Folks

  • Some, like lady-bugs, are actually beneficial and eat the insects that would otherwise harm your garden.


  • Cradle of the Deep, "or" A Life On the Ocean Wave, "while he pushed a floating soap dish filled with ants, spiders and lady-bugs up and down that overflowing tub; and later in his life, when more manly sports would seem to be more to any one's tastes, while his playmates were out in the open chasing the Discosaurus over the hills, or trapping

    The Autobiography of Methuselah


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