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  • n. An effeminate homosexual man, or one who adopts a feminine appearance, especially an intergender person.


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lady +‎ boy


  • It's quite possible that the term ladyboy covers everyone from a lad with a moustache who calls himself Sue, to a former lad who now has ladybumps the size of small planets, with his middle wicket having recently been removed by a team of crack surgeons, so to speak.

    an englishman in osaka

  • Queen of Lincoln Road; 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14; GATEWAY. ø'The Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela: Raquela is a transsexual-or "ladyboy" - from the Philippines who dreams of escaping the streets of Cebu City for a fairy tale life in Paris. -

  • We chuckled at the time, but seeing how Lily is a proper London cockney and not someone from Thailand, we think that calling someone a ladyboy is a bit uncalled for.

    Lily Allen & Cheryl Cole: People, The War is Over

  • Mint is the kind of ladyboy who will have you screaming in sweet ecstasy. Quality Porn Links

  • I actually seen em first but could tell that they were "ladyboy" size 8, and I wear a much more respectably masculine 11-11. 5 (sorry G-Roc, I know you got them size 8.5 baby feet too lol … ….) - Sneakers & Information

  • One look at this statue and you can see what could have been the beginnings of the 'ladyboy' culture in Thailand. Recent Updates

  • So if you want to run an escort business free of harassment by Lindens trawling for adult activity, be sure to type "ladyboy" into your profile.

    Second Thoughts

  • Not surprisingly, on the JIRA, where a lot of the politics of Second Life is playing out now, a resident named Boy Lane, who is one of the loudmouths on the Concierge List often heckling me nastily, mounts a proposal demanding that the term "ladyboy" be removed from the list of "adult" words that have to be filtered out of the search list under the new dispensation.

    Second Thoughts

  • Brenda Archer -- she of the furor over the alleged claim that registering gender would cause hatred of transgendered -- was first up to declare this filtering of "ladyboy" "breath-taking" discrimination -- although I'll bet Craigslist, now that all those attorneys generals have concentrated their minds wonderfully, are forced to look for ads on the key word "ladyboy" and "t-girl" and whatnot as well.

    Second Thoughts

  • Plug the term "ladyboy" or "shemale" into search without the adult checked off in the viewer, and every single return is about a club or an avatar offering prostitution and/or open sex of the most graphic kind.

    Second Thoughts


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