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  • adj. Resembling a laggard; slow; taking more time than is necessary; lagging behind
  • adv. In the manner of a laggard.

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  • Loiteringly; lazily; sluggishly.


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laggard +‎ -ly


  • "But the country's attitude is very relevant to whether we're gonna - and when we do come out of this - we are seeing signs that we're coming out of the recession right now - as we come out of that recession, do we come out kind of laggardly and kind of just a slow bump which is what people are saying right now.

    Denver Post: All Blogs

  • An especially laggardly passage is set at a secret CIA installation, where too many mutants temporarily spoil the froth.

    Surprise: A Newly Exhilarating 'X-Men'

  • That American postmodernists might seem laggardly in their capacity for game-playing and their delight in "incongruity" when compared to a Georges Perec or a Raymond Queneau would no doubt strike certain no-nonsence American readers and critics as outlandish.

    Art and Culture

  • AWEA then embraced this as a goal, but with a laggardly 2030 timeline.

    Tom Weis: Leading the World's Green Industrial Revolution

  • The FEC's often laggardly pace is illustrated by many of the cases outlined in the lawsuit.

    Group sues Federal Election Commission, saying its slow response limits appeals

  • But then there's that laggardly 15 percent that expect to be in the stores until at least Christmas Eve.

    The procrastinator's gift guide

  • Jobs appeared unperturbed by such laggardly behaviour.

    Apple drives another nail into sluggish Sony's coffin

  • Over 100k private sector jobs were lost last month, there were downward revisions to the Jan and Dec numbers, the dollar shot down to an all-time low against the euro, the housing/credit crisis is worsening, the Dow is sliding, oil is over $100, gold is near $1000, inflation is frothy ... this could be bad -- wider and deeper than anyone expects -- partially due to the laggardly response from the deniers-in-chief.

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • He duly noted the politically marginal but personally gratifying return from that day's South Dakota primary: Kennedy, 50 per cent; LBJ 30, despite a vigorous vote-Johnson drive by Hubert Humphrey's people, and McCarthy, a laggardly 20.

    Bobby's Last, Longest Day

  • The mainstream media is not leading the charge to the internet, it is following along behind its audience, laggardly, sullenly and defensively.

    Strange Attractor » 2007 » October


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