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  • adj. comparative form of laggy: more laggy


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  • It's hard to tell whether my games in MW2 seem "laggier" on average, but if they are, it's not noticeable enough for me to be able to tell.

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  • And how much laggier will it be on any of my thumb drives?

    Firefox 3.5 Portable Available For Download | Lifehacker Australia

  • Use the slider to go to 512m the higher, the laggier, but it's worth it unless you are in a laggy situation

    The Patron Saints of Poetik and what they have wrought + Interview with Hern Worsley, it's creator

  • Dashboard as a Space makes sense conceptually, but the time it takes to animate into focus seems longer and laggier than its old form.


  • The single-player campaign wasn't tethered to a movie tie-in, which freed the developers to have a little more fun with the narrative and level design; and multiplayer, though notably laggier than other FPSs, improved its customization options tenfold. Articles

  • Sure, it's fun to be chatting with your beloved one in bed, but your poor laptop on wi-fi will simply be much more laggier than a desktop computer of half the price with a wired connection to the Internet.

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  • Zend is a little laggier than this app, but has way more features.


  • The dell seems to be laggier, except for gaming mode, which could potentially ruin colors.

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  • It may not be laggier on average, but the biggest disappoint here is that we did not choose to play a laggy game, so why should we be lenient with IW on this?

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  • But there are many inconveniences with flash, such as small size (the bigger the laggier it will get), the slow framerate and having to record it and cut out the needed area of the screen. Forum


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