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  • adjective Having a delayed response to a change in the factors influencing it.
  • adjective video games, informal Tending to lag, or respond slowly because of network latency.


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From lag +‎ -y.


  • Windows only: You’re nearly at wit’s end with certain laggy, hard-drive-crushing apps on your system and ready to make a switch — but are they really any faster at starting up and getting going than the alternatives?

    AppTimer Measures Program Start-Ups To The Millisecond | Lifehacker Australia

  • "It's kind of laggy, and people are still trying to find the right driver and figure out what works," Nederhoorn admitted.

    Mac, Meet Windows

  • Delays in processing these signals would lead to 'laggy' controls, where you would push a button and notice the delay before the game registers it. need for high bandwidth to cope with the high resolution video stream means that services like

    PC Authority

  • Because now movies look more "laggy" then NTSC and PAL movies, because of two things: Forum

  • The reason why current HD is more "laggy" then SD, is that the motion-blur applied on HD movies is just not as efective as the motion-blur applied on SD movies. Forum

  • The controls would have to get laggy which is a shame.

    G4TV - The Feed

  • We fixed the client side hit detection on the shotgun so that in a high-latency (i.e. "laggy") match, the shotgun will be more reliable.

  • Current HD movies looks "laggy" as hell with only 24FPS of progressive frames going on. Forum

  • Surely you would have seen the same "laggy" effect (perhaps you mean jerky / unsmooth?) in a cinema. at 24 fps. with resolution effectively 3000 or more lines? Forum

  • Now, the rule is, assuming you won't change the FPS, the sharpen the frame, the more "laggy" the film will look like. Forum


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