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  • noun The point on the ecliptic which is rising at any given moment.


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  • But befitting a weekend celebrating American independence, I think the lagna, or wedding, will just have to wait.

    Marathis, Meet Your Match

  • It's been ages since I have actually attended any lagna or lagnachi gadbad/pangat/naav ghene-ukhane/ghas bharvane etc!

    Maharashtrian Kaccha (raw) Masala

  • Arudha lagna is nothing but a reflection of the true self, and thus together with moon can show the general behavior in the society.


  • The general nature, temperament can be known from Moon and also the Arudha lagna.


  • Lagna and lagna lord are foundation stones of a horoscope.

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  • There seems to be a problem with this logic, and I keep coming back to the chart of Gandhiji, he has a Libra lagna and his success is attributed in a large part to this yoga.

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  • Is it possible to get a love marriage? name: santhosh kumar my date of birth (31-5-1988) time 11. 50pm .... place of birth coimbatore india my birth star is Kettai 2nd padam my birth rashi is "Viruchigam" my birth lagna is "Kumbam" chevvai and raghu in lagna making manglik aspect.

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  • Pl can anyone predict my future and help me out. im born in vrishabha lagna and my moon sign is leo.? en Español

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  • It is not a natural friend of Venus, which is the lagna lord.

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  • Prima Facie, Jupiter is not a good planet for a Libra lagna chart.

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