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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a lagoon, especially one behind a coral reef


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  • We think that there would have been a series of islands, or maybe even potentially lagoonal areas in the area where these fossils were recovered.

    New Species Of Extinct Giant Penguin Discovered

  • Reefs are often categorized into more specific categories, such as patch reefs (small patches of reef that tend to grow within lagoonal back-reef areas), platform or bank reefs (isolated, flat-topped reefs that are larger than patch reefs and usually grow on mid-shelf regions), and ribbon reefs (long sinuous reefs that parallel the shelf break).

    Coral reef

  • Weathering has eroded the limestone into holes and pits over much of the surface of the islands, although the surface at the eastern end is comprises raised lagoonal sediments.

    Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

  • Lord Howe Island has sedimentary deposits of Pleistocene and Holocene (Recent) age, including cross-bedded calcarenite with intercalated soil horizons, lagoonal deposits, a single sand dune, and alluvium.

    Lord Howe Island Group, Australia

  • Coral reefs form the fringes of extensive lagoonal platforms at Tanjon'i Masoala, southeastern Madagascar.

    Western Indian Ocean Islands and coastal and marine environments

  • Coastal ecosystems, especially estuaries and lagoonal wetlands, are becoming increasingly impacted by activities within river catchment, with deforestation, intensive agriculture, damming and irrigation all changing the nature of material fluxes (water, sediment, nutrients and pesticides).

    Coastal and marine environments in Africa

  • The Osceola Slope is composed of Pleistocene lagoonal deposits with a top layer of medium to fine sands and silts.

    Ecoregions of Florida (EPA)

  • Ecoregion 63c is nearly flat, poorly drained, and is underlain by lagoonal strata and impermeable clays (Oaks and Coch, 1963, 1973; Oaks and others, 1974a; Levy, 1979).

    Ecoregions of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia (EPA)

  • Pleistocene lagoonal deposits of coastal sand and shelly silty sand characterize the geology.

    Ecoregions of Florida (EPA)

  • Restingas are on sandy and nutrient-impoverished soils that are frequently associated with a low-elevation plains (Quaternary or Tertiary) characterized by the presence of beach ridges and lagoonal systems.

    Atlantic Coast restingas


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