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  • adj. Of or from the upper class of society.
  • interj. not a care in the world (used in a sing-song voice, for childhood rhymes)


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  • In the beginning it's all briskets and lah-de-dah and ain't life grand; but soon enough real life starts, right?

    Life's Disorder Takes Center Stage in Comedy, 'Barney's Version'

  • The jump-off to 2001 and beyond, it's attitude sneering and bland, with a lah-de-dah shrug at the blood on the ground spilled by those who don't make it.

    Dry Rot

  • Perhaps it's because prime minister David Cameron is around the same age as me – or possibly because the armed forces, or at least the army, are still largely run by lah-de-dah Ruperts like him – that he seems so nostalgic for this vanished old world.

    A backwards salute to recruitment films

  • They also shared an absolute mastery of the blase rebellion that comes with a lah-de-dah shrug at the world's travails and all the efforts of keepers to keep them corralled.


  • I think Phyllis actually taught 'lah-de-dah' to Diane Keaton a few years later.

    Elsie's World

  • "We'll show you somethin ', Mister lah-de-dah Tatenor!"

    Salvage for the Saint

  • "If I liked him I'd go an 'stand in the street an' listen to him, not take up the room of them as has a hall hired for 'em by the _best_ man, who has lived among us, and not some city lah-de-dah married to a hussy off the stage, an 'who had women who might be any character goin' round speakin 'for him," she tiraded, and turning to me aggressively demanded --

    Some Everyday Folk and Dawn

  • And a penny paper collar round his throat, lah-de-dah!

    The Measure of a Man

  • "It's not too ... lah-de-dah," Aadje said, looking around and nodding approvingly.

    The Seattle Times

  • A taste of Trexler's reporting: Another alleged problem with [Joe] Shuster’s artwork is that it made Superman look gay — or in the period slang of [Whitney] Ellsworth’s January 22, 1940, letter, “lah-de-dah” with a “nice fat bottom.”

    Archive 2008-08-01


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