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  • adj. Of or from the upper class of society.
  • interj. not a care in the world (used in a sing-song voice, for childhood rhymes)
  • interj. Frequently heard in New Orleans, uttered by revelers in resorts of drink and music (used in a mildly pejorative sense, dismissing, for example, a man dressed in yellow bicycling Spandex with a silly walk, as Well, lah-di-dah. Also a term interjected when politicians waffle. Hmm. Sounds pretty lah-di-dah to me!)


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  • We were supposed to have another bake sale for the CAFP today, to help reimburse the group of members who got to go to the annual lah-di-dah gala on February 2.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • The second story was all abt Hattie Hatpin deliberately losing her lah-di-dah toff cutglass accent so she could fit in with her fellow comrades in the Liebour party.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • Well lah-di-dah, we actually don't think you are worth " a pitcher of warm spit" as John Wayne once said dave s


  • Nonbinding this and that, deadline lah-di-dah, Bush/Cheney are going to ignore the mandate of the midterm elections and every pressure from Congress on Iraq, because Bush/Cheney know their opponents 'bark has no bite.

    Laura Flanders: No Special Rights

  • And those pictures you were going to post from your lah-di-dah "US Tour"?

    oublieux - French Word-A-Day

  • There's something like 15 bloggers around here now, and monthly get togethers, and feature spreads in Epicure and Gourmet Traveller and lots of lah-di-dah stuff.

    back. and fuller than ever

  • You soft lot of out-of-date nincompoops, you and your lah-di-dah bloody Eton. '

    Flying Finish

  • Regularly, for a few weeks before the night, one witnessed the same scenes in our kitchen, the sisters sitting in various corners of the room, muttering secretly to themselves, smiling, nodding, and making lah-di-dah gestures with a kind of intent and solitary madness.

    Cider With Rosie

  • Stop being so lah-di-dah snobbish about such roles.

    The Guardian World News

  • But chaos ensues when a young "lah-di-dah" Southerner, chapel organist Gerald Forbes (Elliot Austin) informs the menfolk they might not be married after all.



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