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  • n. secularism


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  • While Lucien Bouchard's comments on sovereignty this week were remarkable, his criticism of what he called radical "laicism" - a distinctly French version of secularism - in the Parti Québécois touched much more directly on current controversies.

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  • In meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday, Sarkozy said: "I am calling for a positive laicism, that is to say, a secularism that watches over freedom of thought, of belief and unbelief, does not consider religion as a danger, but as an asset."

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  • On the bases of liberalism and laicism they wished to build other social edifices which, powerful and imposing as they seemed at first, all too soon revealed the weakness of their foundations, and today are crumbling one after another before our eyes, as everything must crumble that is not grounded on the one corner stone which is Christ Jesus.

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  • And, in fact, that is what happened to professor Collins who because of his profession of faith had to suffer the arrows of many supporters of laicism.

    Zenit: Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Advent Sermon

  • From this a new wave of illuminism and laicism is derived, by which only what is experiential and calculable would be rationally valid, while on the level of praxis, individual freedom is held as a fundamental value to which all others must be subject.

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  • In his encyclical letter Quas primas, the Pope showed how laicism or secularism, organizing society without any reference to God, leads to the apostasy of the masses and the ruin of society, because it is a complete denial of Christ's Kingship.

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  • Separation, well considered, is only the baneful consequence-as We often have declared, especially in the Encyclical Quas Primas-of laicism, or rather the apostasy of society that today feigns to alienate itself from God and therefore from the Church.25

    Separation of Church and State: Manifest Destiny or Manifest Heresy?

  • Thus, while some shock me by their sacerdotal dogmatism, others repel me by their rationalizing laicism.

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  • Like all the rest of Europe and the western world, we are now facing a conflict between Christianity on one side and laicism or secularism on the other which in the words of philosopher Marcello Pera, as he recently described it in Il Corriere della Sera, whilst referring to Europe:

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  • But it is also true that laicism, a strong and aggressive secularism was born in Spain, as we saw in the 1930s

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