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  • n. One who lives in the lake-land or lake country of England.


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  • Thats the sad part .. it was the last leg of an action developed by husquarna, then refined by kongsberg smallarms, the lakelander was the last refinement and many competitionweapons have been built on the action withouth any modifications .. but the sauer is more popular cos of the detachable magasine though: P

    Field & Stream

  • : D: D: D 3 huge strong locking lugs and 60 degree boltlift .. can only do better with a superexpensive custom boltaction thats gopnna cost more than yer truck: D: D: D lakelander 389 sporter with thumbhole stock .. cost me a bundle but i never regretted it and my grandson is gonna get it when im dead: P

    Field & Stream

  • My lakelander 389 sporter with thumbhole grip is like rosie o ` donnel tellin fat jokes ..

    Rifles of Interest, Vol. 1

  • lakelander, no it's not our age but the seemingly increasing inability of young people to sit still for longer than 5 minutes without checking their mobiles to see if Chlamydia has sent a text updating Chavetta about her date with Tyrone even though they are sitting a couple of rows back.

    I decide what my child watches


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