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  • noun Common misspelling of lambda.


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  • When we did our study for DARPA in 2004 we found a mirror technology with a diffraction limited performance at 550 nanometers of lamda/10 and an areal density of about 7 kg/m2.

    Astronauts Once Again Demonstrate Why Humans Must be a Part of Space Exploration - NASA Watch

  • They adhere to the lamda calculus principle and are actually more pattern matchers than anything else.

    Reflective Surface - The evolution of programming languages

  • I think the language that can capture the extensibility principle that lamda calculus inhibits, without breaking the design by contract principle of OO languages, still has to be constructed.

    Reflective Surface - The evolution of programming languages

  • Yet, perhaps, not so; but the name may have been originally written with a double lamda and not with a sigma, meaning that the God knew many things (Polla eidos).


  • SOCRATES: And that lamda was expressive of smoothness, and softness, and the like?


  • SOCRATES: And what do you say of the insertion of the lamda? for that is expressive not of hardness but of softness.


  • SOCRATES: This indication of my meaning may proceed from unlike as well as from like, for example in the lamda of sklerotes.


  • CRATYLUS: Why, perhaps the letter lamda is wrongly inserted, Socrates, and should be altered into rho, as you were saying to Hermogenes and in my opinion rightly, when you spoke of adding and subtracting letters upon occasion.


  • Love watching the Olympics lamda Ice skating in winter olympics, why not rollerblading in summer olympics?

    Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7

  • Lausanne, Switzerland, will tell delegates that individuals with this change, in a gene encoding for the antiviral cytokine (cell-signalling molecule) interferon lamda, reacts less well to treatment.



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