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  • noun Plural form of lamellipodium.


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  • Exposing a round cell to red light caused long extensions known as lamellipodia to project from its edges.


  • All week I was visting my parents ie not in lab and every other night I had a vivid as hell dream about really banal lab tasks, such as plating cells, loading gels, and explaining lamellipodia formation to the new grad student.

    The Struggles of Scheduling

  • Cells engaged in making sweet lamellipodia wave their membranes around in sinuous gyrations.

    How Cells Stick to Things and Move Around

  • Farooqui R, Fenteany G (2005) Multiple rows of cells behind an epithelial wound edge extend cryptic lamellipodia to collectively drive cellsheet movement.

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  • Within hours after the wounding of adult skin, keratinocytes at the wound margin start to flatten, elongate, develop pseudopod like projections of lamellipodia and migrate toward the denuded area

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  • Note that uPAR-rich lamellipodia-like protrusions of HEK293-uPAR cells were largely devoid of clathrin and LRP-1, indicating spatial segregation between uPAR and these endocytic markers.

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  • The partitioning of uPAR within specific domains of the plasma membrane that undergo clathrin-independent endocytosis and macropinocytosis (lipid rafts and ruffles / lamellipodia) suggests that other endocytic mechanisms may regulate uPAR trafficking as well.

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  • Scanning electron microscopy of cells plated at low density reveals that all three cell types are rounded in appearance and densely covered with microvilli, with END2 and PYS2 cells forming large lamellipodia (

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  • In both these mutants FCMs do not appear to be attracted towards the FC as indicated by the morphology of their lamellipodia which are randomly oriented (blow embryos show rare fusion events upto the binucleate precursor stage

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  • Following protein recruitment, Rac1 is being activated, lamellipodia are formed and polarised cell-migration is possible [reviewed in

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