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  • adj. (usually of media) Mainstream.


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Blend of lame and mainstream


  • Actually, there's such jokey condescension in Broomfield's approach - the title alone says it all - that his film will undoubtedly fortify her supporters who feel she's been unfairly targeted; this is the woman, after all, who coined the phrase "lamestream media" in an effort to diminish her perceived attackers.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Ms. Palin, known later in her career for criticizing what she calls "lamestream media" coverage of her and of politics, complained in some emails about press coverage.

    Emails Offer Peek at Palin in Office

  • NAYLOR: Palin clearly had a recent unflattering profile of her in Vanity Fair on her mind as she spent a good portion of her speech castigating what she calls the lamestream media for relying on unnamed sources.

    Palin To Iowa Republicans: It's Time To Unite

  • We live in a time when the mainstream media, which I call the lamestream media, have repeatedly let us down and disappointed.

    Using and Banning Handles and Pseudonyms on OpEdNews

  • It is remarkable that none of this news is in lamestream other than as a prop that the RIAA would use at random to attempt to boost their claim of legitmaticy.

    100,000 for Britanny Chan!

  • Even if Sarah Palin officially jumped in the presidential race tomorrow, it's hard to picture her giving any of what she so charmingly calls the "lamestream media" the time of day, much less an interview on Sunday morning.

    Chris Weigant: Bachmann Rising, Palin Fading?

  • When the news, if you can call an erect penis news, exploded on to the Twittersphere, and then the blogosphere, and then into what another prominent American politician calls the "lamestream" media, Weiner seemed a bit confused.

    Christina Patterson: Sex, Drugs, Twitter -- and Anthony Weiner

  • Such anonymous quotes play directly into Palin's and Fox News' ongoing narrative that there's a liberal -- or "lamestream" -- media elite out to get the network.

    The Full Feed from

  • Palin, of course, is an outspoken critic of what she has dubbed the "lamestream media," arguing that she and other conservatives, particularly women, are treated unfairly.

    NY Daily News

  • Even among Sarah Palin's so-called lamestream media, the surrender to unreason and partisan tribalism appears to be all but complete.

    News & Politics


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