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  • noun Plural form of lammergeier.


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  • Elsewhere in the world, lammergeiers are birds of extreme landscapes.

    A Year on the Wing

  • With one last look at the Chinese, the lammergeiers already circling about him, we walked to the crevice.

    The Metal Monster

  • High up in the darkening heavens the lammergeiers, the winged scavengers of the Himalayas, were gathering.

    The Metal Monster

  • You're TV ay up there on the needle-peak of a mountain, and don't think there aren't lammergeiers cruising there in the lurid red altitudes around, waiting for a chance to snatch you off.

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • Bird-life abounded, from the snow partridges that flew in the hills eighteen thousand feet high to pigeons of every kind: birds of all sizes, from great eagles to the little quails that hid in the cornfields; lammergeiers that were fed on human bodies, the dead of families of high degree, exposed on a flat rock of slate with head and shoulders tied to a wooden axle that stretched the corpse like a rack.

    The Jungle Girl

  • The first floor of the forest, that is to say all that portion of the trees comprised between the first fork and the branches, afforded an asylum to a great number of birds -- wild pigeons by the hundred beneath the trees, ospreys, grouse, aracaris with beaks like a lobster's claw, and higher, hovering above the glades, two or three of those lammergeiers whose eye resembles a cockade.

    Godfrey Morgan A Californian Mystery

  • As I crossed the city, ten or sometimes twenty enormous vulturine lammergeiers filled the air at any one time, slicing their vast nine-foot wings and wedged diamond tails close over the city’s roofs, their marrow-lusting crocodilian eyes, shaggy beards, and rusting breasts coming as close as the pass of a swallow.

    A Year on the Wing


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