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  • noun A dark igneous rock, having porphyritic texture, in which both the phenocrysts and the matrix consist of hornblende, pyroxene, and biotite.

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  • noun The name given by Gümbel to rocks, considerably varied in lithological character, occurring in dikes in strata of Paleozoic age.

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  • noun geology An uncommon, small-volume ultrapotassic igneous rock primarily occurring as dikes, lopoliths, laccoliths, stocks and small intrusions.


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[German Lamprophyr : Greek lampros, clear (from lampein, to shine) + French porphyre, porphyry (from Old French porfire; see porphyry).]

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Ancient Greek λαµπρός (lamprós) = "bright" and φύρω (phýro) = "to mix".


  • The occurrence of low-volatile coal in certain coalfields in India is attributed to the carbonization of coal seams by the intrusion of mica lamprophyre which is a mica-rich ultrabasic rock containing altered olivine, calcite (or dolomite), bronze-coloured mica and apatite.

    4.1 Geological investigations

  • In Fergus County, Montana, they are mined from decomposed dikes of lamprophyre (a basic igneous rock).

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • The diamond-bearing lamprophyre breccia is coincident with a crudely circular magnetic low as defined by an airborne magnetic survey.

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  • - Moreover, a zone of lamprophyre dykes and lamprophyric breccias has been delineated within a

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  • Drillholes LR-026 and LR-027 show the halo mineralization is concentrated at the intersection of northwest oriented lamprophyre dike and northeast trending fractured zone.

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  • - This diamond discovery was from a multi-phased xenolith-bearing lamprophyre dyke system, approximately 6 metres wide in its surface exposure.

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  • - A 9.3 kilogram sample of lamprophyre core from one of the drill holes contained 4 macro-diamonds, the largest being 1. 36mm by 1. 20mm by 1. 12mm, and 91 micro-diamonds.

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  • Exploration by IMMC has focused on only two of the more than 20 known lamprophyre zones.

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  • This is strikingly similar to the Company's "Mockingbird" Gold Property geology, where the gold is also hosted in lower plate Precambrian gneiss, and is frequently associated spatially with lamprophyre dikes.

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  • Follow up work will focus on assessment of priority kimberlite targets and additional evaluation of the most prospective of the lamprophyre breccias.

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