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  • Establishment of long-term grass swards has had some success, and planting birch (Betula pubescens) and native willows (Salix lanata and S. phylicifolia) is proving a successful conservation measure, using mycorrhizal inocula, for re-establishing species and habitat diversity of grasslands, shrublands, and woodlands that were lost through overgrazing [22] [23] although non-native species can cause problems.

    Human impacts on the biodiversity of the Arctic

  • Tea-leaved willow (Salix phylicifolia), hairy willow (Salix lanata), and creeping juniper (Juniperus communis) are common shrubs in birch woodlands.

    Land tenure and management in the boreal region

  • Of particular significance is Wild sago palm Eugeissona utilis, that occurs on the steep slopes of Gunung Mulu; Iguanura melinauensis and Licuala lanata are endemic to the alluvial plain; Calamus Neilsonii and Salacca rupicola are endemic to the limestone and Areca abdulrahmanii occurs on the Setap shales.

    Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia

  • It is characterized by diminutive hardy vegetation such as low-growing willow Salix arctica and dwarf birch Betula glandulosa, heath Cassiope tetragona, mountain avens Dryas integrifolia, D. hookeriania, sedge Carex nigricans, Kobresia bellardii, Phyllodoce glandulifolia and Antennaria lanata.

    Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Canada

  • Two vegetation associations are characteristic on the treeless northwestern section which is situated upon acidic soils: Anthaenantia lanata, Trachypogon polymorphus, and Macairea scabra shrub with a groundlayer of Mesosetum penicillatum and Bulbostylis juncoides.

    Beni savanna

  • Hierba de conejo (Indian paintbrush) castilleja lanata: Growing wild in desert areas of the United States and Mexico, this bright red-flowered herb was traditionally used by the indigenous people of what is now the state of Nevada, and by the Zapotec people of Oaxaca, where it is still frequently added to a pot of beans or rice.

    A Culinary Guide to Mexican Herbs: Las Hierbas de Cocina

  • Dominant species in the region include such distinctly cold-temperate species as sagebrushes (Artemisia), saltbrushes (Atriplex), and winterfat (Ceratoides lanata).

    Great Basin shrub steppe

  • Several threatened and endemic plants in these rain forests include Actinodaphne lanata, Meteoromyrtus wynaadensis, Cryptocoryne tortuosa, Cyathea nilgirensis, Ceropegia beddomei, Impatiens anaimudica, and Paphiopedilum druryi.

    North Western Ghats montane rain forests

  • Even though the species-rich Quercus lamellosa forests are quite well represented within protected areas, the Quercus lanata forests in the lower elevations are not.

    Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests

  • Digitalis lanata plants are used for the isolation of digoxin.

    Chapter 8


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