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  • n. Any of many South American venomous pitvipers of the genus Bothrops


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lance +‎ head


  • There the lancehead-shaped fissure opened on the ravine, whence it was flushed with cool air.

    Tropic Days

  • Right after he touched the stripe with the lancehead on the standard.

    Water Sleeps

  • Optics set limits to what could be reconstructed at a distance of some eighty million kilometers, but he made out a blurry lancehead shape amidst a comma of bluish light, which trailed aft like a tail, the visible part of photons from excited atoms and plasma around the screen fields and aft of them.

    Inconstant Star

  • For a moment he stared at the lancehead, enough sharp steel to go completely through him, and abruptly he shouted, "No!"

    The Eye of the World

  • Medjhah dropped his lancehead toward the one prisoner who had a little spirit, who might have been the leader of the group.

    The Tower of Fear

  • Medjhah drew the razor-sharp edge of his lancehead along the man's cheek.

    The Tower of Fear

  • The warrior's lancehead seemed to have been wrought of living fire.

    The Swordbearer

  • They made a blue-shadowy dimness beneath the wall whereon he stood: a face, a lancehead, a burnoose, a helmet, picked out of the dusk which still welled between surrounding houses and archways.

    The Day of Their Return

  • Ken caught the flash of sun on a lancehead bearing straight down upon him.

    On Land and Sea at the Dardanelles

  • He sprang aside, the lancehead missed him by inches, then the shoulder of the horse caught him with stunning force and hurled him to the ground.

    On Land and Sea at the Dardanelles


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