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  • n. Greed for the acquisition of land or territory.


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  • The Russian people have just gotten a taste of liberty and are as crazy as was the man with the land-hunger.

    Birdseye Views of Far Lands

  • The land-hunger, or rather land-greed, of the small proprietors in her neighborhood had, it is true, given her a certain disgust for these contested possessions.

    Famous Women: George Sand

  • The Bolshevik government of Russia is credited by many of its admirers in this country with having solved the great land problem and with having satisfied the land-hunger of the peasants.

    Bolshevism The Enemy of Political and Industrial Democracy

  • With individual as with corporation, with explorer as with landlord, land-hunger was the master impulse of the era.

    The conquest of the old Southwest

  • Years of freighting and mining had followed, and, with a stake gleaned from the Merced placers, he satisfied the land-hunger of his race and time by settling in Sonoma County.

    Like Argus of the Ancient Times

  • Always had her race been land-hungry, and she took delight in believing she had bred true; for had not she, despite her life passed in a city, found this same land-hunger in her?

    Chapter 19

  • Fintan Lalor's policy, rejected by the Young Irelanders in 1846, was beginning to take hold in 1868; the movement for self-government was becoming linked on to the driving force of land-hunger.

    Irish Books and Irish People

  • Sir Murtagh, "who was a very learned man in the law, and had the character of it"; another passion that seems to go with the land-hunger in Ireland.

    Irish Books and Irish People

  • Though the South, with the aid of its economic vassal, the Northern capitalist class, was for some time able to check the land-hunger of the Northern democrats, it was never able entirely to secure the control which it desired, but was always faced with the steady and continued opposition of the real North.

    Abraham Lincoln and the Union; a chronicle of the embattled North

  • A. Douglas was far-sighted enough to understand the land-hunger of the time.

    Abraham Lincoln and the Union; a chronicle of the embattled North


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