from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A person who subsists by cheating or robbing sailors on shore; a land-pirate.
  • n. A land-grabber; one who seizes upon land by force or chicanery.


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  • The world will always have more imitators than innovators, which is a truly sad state of affairs; especially when the land-shark imitators swim in to take a fatal bite out of the innovator (ie Walmart, Microsoft, Starbucks, Hilton, insert oppressive corporate Goliath of choice here).

    Are You Here for a Good Time or a Long Time?

  • But the foreign land-shark, and the corporate land-shark, dwindle into insignificance by the side of the individual land-shark.

    Black and White

  • The British land-shark, having got his hold upon the soil, possesses the place to stand for which the Greek sighed in vain, and no man will say he does not move the world; and he will continue to moveit until such time as the world shall movehim.

    Black and White

  • We have an indigenous land-shark whose maw is so capacious that the rapacity of his appetite in no wise keeps pace with its lightning-like digestion.

    Black and White

  • The winner in this trade—as if there was ever any question—was the Latin land-shark, El Matador.

    Why Fantasy Football Matters

  • Everybody made a fuss of him as he told his tales of giant wasps and the huge land-shark.

    The Year's Best Science Fiction 23rd Annual Collection

  • “How are you now, you young land-shark in petticoats?” inquired the old sailor.

    No Name

  • They sure as hell didn't research the Saurians, else they'd have known the Dino's a land-shark, and it takes Gertie a full minute to process any sensation and act on it.

    Fiddler Fair

  • After what Goldie Morran had suffered as a result of Kit's wrath, she did not want to find herself on the losing end of another deal with Kenneth "Kit" Carson, world-famous time scout and land-shark businessman.

    Wagers of Sin

  • It's my fault from the beginning for choosing such a land-shark for your consort.

    Beyond the City


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