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  • n. An armed boat's crew sent on shore for offensive or defensive operations, such as engaging an enemy, or for protecting life and property.


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  • The landing-party that followed had futilely pursued along the jungle runways.


  • Then I wondered how many containers we actually would find there, especially with just forty minutes or so before dark came and the Perse sent a landing-party to end our meddling.

    Duma Key

  • I have my landing-party assignment for tomorrow morning.

    The Edge of the Sword

  • “I have been here two months and I already have the next landing-party rotation with the captain.”

    The Edge of the Sword

  • The selection of the landing-party lineup seemed as good a time as any.

    The Captain's Daughter

  • Thousands of landing-party assignments had been fed into a vast database, processed through positronic circuitry as perfected in the M9 computer.

    The Captain's Daughter

  • One of the landing-party teams, from Geology, has been concentrating on some submerged strata off the northern coast of the continent where most of our research is taking place.

    Doctor’s Orders

  • Strangely, the Proctors didn't search the landing-party members, nor did they attempt to take the tricorders that both Janice Rand and Bones McCoy kept running, sensing, and recording.

    The Abode of Life

  • We must lie up in the grove until the landing-party had got up the beach and rushed the fort - that would keep the black musketeers busy, and it would be safe to race for the boats, waving a white flag - I was tearing away at Elspeth's petticoat, hushing her squeals of protest, peering back through the undergrowth at the approaching Hovas.

    Flashman's Lady

  • The transport _Kwonghoi_ was also in readiness with a landing-party of troops on board.

    The Philippine Islands


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