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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of languish.


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  • “Free labor languishes and becomes degrading when put in competition with slave labor,” said a leading member of the party in 1860, “and idleness, poverty, and vice, among large classes of non-slaveholders take the place of industry and thrift and virtue.”

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • He or she languishes in a system that, despite the best efforts of commanders, medical providers and social workers, delays their return to civilian life.

    Up to 35% if wounded soldiers addicted to drugs

  • "Decades of U.S. policy are nibbled away or jettisoned altogether to reestablish relations with the penal colony that goes by the name of the Republic of Cuba, and yet Fidel doesn't phone or even write--he arrests a State Department contractor who's down there doing humanitarian work and throws him into one of Cuba's notorious prisons, where he languishes still, more than a month later."

    Morning Bits

  • "We cannot continue to see chief executive pay rise at 13% a year while performance on the stock exchange languishes well behind," Cable said.

    Vince Cable hands shareholders power to tackle executive pay

  • Nigeria, which has been plagued by corruption and languishes in 156th place out of 187 countries in the UN's Human Development Index, topped the Gallup survey of 51 countries' economic optimism.

    Nigerians optimistic about economic prospects

  • But economists said the shift reflects trends that have been at play for several years, with Brazil emerging as a global economic power while Mexico languishes with a political environment that has proven hostile to certain economic reforms and a grueling drug war.

    Brazil's Per-Capita Income Surpassed Mexico In 2010

  • Consequently the property languishes on the market and the lender is more apt to accept less.

    Jerry Chautin: Some Real Estate Agents Are In Cahoots With Fraudsters

  • Without the feminine counterbalancing the masculine, without care balancing rights, without community balancing individualism, the human spirit languishes as a one-winged creature unable to soar.

    Birute Regine: The Land of the Free and the Home of the Care-Less?

  • Every shot seems planned to show both character and plot, and the camera languishes in Dennis Weaver's face as he goes from bored, to paranoid, to anxious, and then to the brink of insanity.

    Network Awesome: Spielberg's Talent Discovered: Duel

  • BofA's stock languishes below tangible book value.

    BofA's Mortgage Migraine Keeps Throbbing


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