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  • adj. comparative form of lank: more lank


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  • The only real clue to the season is hair, which lies a bit lanker than usual.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentices

  • They grew lanker and lanker every day, and we soon saw that they would not be able to stand it in the long run.

    The South Pole~ The First Account

  • He was leaning back into the rain with an ecstatic expression on his face, letting it soak into his lank hair, which was becoming even lanker.

    The Life of the World to Come

  • There was also his board-bill to be settled at the end of each week; and Salmon saw his slender purse grow lank and lanker than ever, with no means within his reach of replenishing it.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 78, April, 1864

  • One or two I knew who insisted on sticking to "principles," and they grew leaner and lanker day by day.

    Zone Policeman 88; a close range study of the Panama canal and its workers

  • "My land! he's lanker 'n a bean-pole," exclaimed Mrs. Eichorn, in disgust.

    Lovey Mary

  • So as he grew bigger and fatter, she grew thinner and lanker, till you would hardly have recognized this long, gaunt, white fur bag of bones for the plump beast of the previous autumn.

    Children of the Wild

  • The old man rubbed his bristling jaw, that seemed even lanker than when

    A Modern Instance

  • The tutor's shadow, longer, lanker, and more grotesque than himself, mopped and mowed upon the wall beside him.

    The Brownies and Other Tales

  • The passage swimmingly effected, our two adventurers made their reäppearance on the opposite bank, with their bulky dimensions brought down by their wetting to somewhat lanker proportions -- Grumbo with his shaggy coat buttoned close about him, Burl with his buckskin shirt and breeches clinging clammily to his body and limbs.



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