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  • adj. superlative form of lanky: most lanky.


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  • So a recent casting notice was something of a dream for the lankiest thespians on Broadway: "Taller is good."

    A Basketball Rivalry Fit for the Stage

  • The high, undercut bank, with deep water beneath it, made it impossible to reach down and get a hold on his clothing even when the lankiest of them lay flat on his face and stretched long arms down, to grope still short of the surface.

    The Raven In The Foregate

  • Hearing propitious sounds, they came stringing in, and Haviland's explanation, with the celebration that followed it, took such a length of time that the longest, lankiest Phi fell asleep in the parlor and his lamp burned out about two.

    Stanford Stories Tales of a Young University

  • As he came along toward the main entrance he saw Andrew Higgins, the longest, lankiest Phi of them all, bearing down upon him.

    Stanford Stories Tales of a Young University

  • He was the tallest and lankiest of them all, and like some ghostly cicerone, he never spoke, but led the way through the dewy grass into the white, glorious moonlight, and kept a few yards ahead of me in the dusty road until we reached the Rayne farmhouse.

    A Village Ophelia and Other Stories

  • Tiring at last of this diversion, he turned his attention to his sleeping companions, and being in a condescending humour, and observing that the lankiest of the two sleepers was nodding at him, the humorous greyhound raised his front paw and passed it over the face of the slumberer, who thereupon murmured heavily, "Pah! don't taste it, your honour!"

    A Hungarian Nabob

  • Looks can be deceiving: Our instructor, a curvy but compact and strong woman, couldn't make it through to the end of the triceps dips and, awesomely, admitted it to us, while the lankiest girl with the puniest arms breezed right through.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • This despite one irrefutable truth: patterned tights make all but the lankiest pins look like galumphing elephant's legs.

    Top stories from Times Online

  • He also stated, "Lincoln is the leanest, lankiest, most ungainly mass of legs and arms and hatchet face ever strung on a single frame."


  • Although he was one of the lankiest point-guards in the game, Gates had the uncanny ability to power his way through the competition, almost as if he was programmed to do so.

    The Toque


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