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  • n. Plural form of lapful.


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  • Somehow our napkins had moulted lapfuls of lint all over our Very Important Meeting outfits.

    Boutique Breakfast

  • They unmistakably were grandkids, lapfuls of wedge-faced wolfling kits, looking as human as all get-out.

    Dancing with Werewolves

  • There were lapfuls of lapis, which would cause people to wee-wee unexpectedly; Midrange presumed those were for unfriends or those with certain bodily complications.

    Yon Ill Wind

  • He likewise gave public notice, that he would receive new-year's gifts on the calends of January following; and accordingly stood in the vestibule of his house, to clutch the presents which people of all ranks threw down before him by handfuls and lapfuls.

    The Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Volume 04: Caligula

  • Martin challenged them to prove this, and they plucked lapfuls of the small white daisies with big yellow eyes, and threaded chains of great length, and hung them about each other's necks.

    Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard

  • I gathered lapfuls of the lovely blossoms, and commenced arranging them in the vases.

    My Brilliant Career

  • The pond-lilies were ripe; bushels of them were heaped upon the platforms at every station we came to; and before the first stage of our journey was far advanced the girls were sighing over lapfuls of lilies, and the lads tottering under the weight of stupendous _boutonnières_.

    Over the Rocky Mountains to Alaska

  • Ho! wine, wine, wine! and lapfuls of flowers! let all the cane-brakes pipe their flutes.

    Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II (of 2)

  • How many hours of pleasant labour in that enclosed bit of ground there had been; how many lapfuls and basketfuls of fruits the rich reward of the labour; how Lois had enjoyed both!


  • All my neighbours have it, and I was married to have it, as you to give it to me; the nobles of Touraine are all amply furnished with children, and their wives give them lapfuls, you alone have none, they laugh at you there.

    Droll Stories — Volume 1


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