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  • n. Plural form of larch.


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  • Without the least reflection I answered, by making sledges of the larches, which is an expedient that I think would suggest instantly itself to nineteen men in twenty.

    A Residence in France

  • Having spent considerable time in New England, I was always aware of those conifers commonly referred to as "larches", and I always thought a hackmatack tree was some sort of larch, hackmatack being a corruption of a Wampanoag or Massachusett word. HACKMATACK.

  • The samples of his verse that Mr. Hollinghurst invents are perfectly pitched to be good but not great: "The spinney where the lisping larches / Kiss overhead in silver arches / And in their shadows lovers too / Might kiss and tell their secrets through," is a typical jingling passage.

    The (Private) Lives of the Poets

  • The shrubbery consisted of several young larches, who looked undecided whether to live or die. . .

    Louisa May Alcott

  • The wood doesn't contain gooey pitch like pines, firs, spruces and larches and so it doesn't burn easily.

    Dr. Reese Halter: Saving the Remaining Old Growth Redwood Forests

  • The larches and alders were a deeper green, because it was now midsummer, not late spring.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • I found the hill, finally, by spotting the stand of young larches I remembered at the base.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • The larches stood huddled together, talking quietly in the evening breeze with clicks and creaks and rustling sighs.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • The average age of larch trees growing in the south of the study area is less than that of northern larches.

    Direct climate effects on tree growth in the Arctic

  • Where the distributions of two wind-pollinated tree species of the same genus (e.g., spruce, pine, larches) approach each other or overlap, the trees can interbreed and form hybrid offspring.

    Climate change and insects as a forest disturbance in the Arctic


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