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  • n. Alternative form of lardass.


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lard +‎ arse


  • A few of us were thinking that Scientology was just a creepy illogical fad beloved by emotional cripples and undereducated Hollywood ‘royalty’ (big-name celebrity followers include dimple-dotted John Travolta (DVDs), wobbly lardarse Kirstie Alley (DVDs) and all-round heterosexual Tom Cruise (DVDs)).

    Russell Crowe Adds Another Baby To His Fightin’ Army

  • Why should anyone be allowed to call me fatty, lardarse, porky or whatever?

    Latest news from the public and voluntary sectors, including health, children, local government and social care, plus SocietyGuardian jobs |

  • I am obese, overweight, chubby, big, heavy, and all the other words you associate with someone who is overweight (I'm discounting lardarse and fatso purely because no-one has ever had the gall to call me that to my face … er … yet).

    One Man Blogs

  • My suggestion is: you make a good film and it will play just about anywhere and I believe there's no place like home to start - get your own people into the cinema first, then worry about what some lardarse in Nebraska thinks of your regional accent or quaint Saxon sayings.

    GreenCine Daily

  • I would be very grateful if the lardarse lobby - which is huge, as you might expect - didn't write to me, email me or text me.


  • Mess): The lardarse comedienne apparently went bananas after just one whiff of SuBo's pheromones turned 25 years 'conjugal fidelity into a : Spoof News : Front Page


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