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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of lard.
  • adj. coated or stuffed with fat or strips of bacon etc


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  • His blog is in English, larded with photographs, and eminently readable.


  • Indeed, Jindal felt Congressional Dems voted on a stimulus bill they hadn't even read - though Jindal's criticism of the same package didn't show that he'd read it either, claiming it was "larded" with pork but I started laughing when Jindal began listing the projects he thought were unnecessary and wasteful, such as mag-lev rail projects and volcano monitoring.

    Jindal's Condescending Response Elicits Douchechills

  • In each instance, it is Erdrich's diction that gives the image its precision and intense life: "larded," "disorderly," "caterpillar" — each of these words surprises, and yet is utterly apt in its context.

    Blood Relations

  • Judge William Pauley III of the Southern District of New York criticized the Cintas complaint of racketeering - among other violations - as being "larded" with exhibits that he - News

  • In fact, both the characters and the "humor" with which their stories are larded seem only more cloying for the obvious effort being made to use them to inflate an inherently cliched narrative -- a mother treks her way across the continent to be reunited with her child -- into something less sentimental and more "vivid."

    Book Reviewing

  • Raw cheesecake ($7) and pumpkin-spice tea cake ($3.50) beat many rich desserts sold elsewhere and are not larded with dairy, eggs and refined sugar.

    Upper West Side Vegan

  • The text is larded with distracting verbal tics, including a smattering of needless Gallicisms—such as noting that she had problems with her "foie" aka, liver—local color thickened to impasto.

    The Sound of France

  • Mr. Spano's lawyer, Richard Levitt , said prosecutors "larded up" their plea documents with "irrelevant" allegations that were not proved.

    Ex-Politician Pleads Guilty in Taxes Case

  • That is partly true, but I think that the best-seller list tends to be larded with ideological hackery, which is a less uplifting market.

    Economic Elitism Thought Experiment, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • He also larded his writing with conditional statements and passive constructions: Eli Lilly “reportedly earn[ed] a profit” by licensing thimerosal to other drug companies; “the American health establishment . . . understandably has an interest in proving the unpleasant [thimerosal] theory wrong.”

    The Panic Virus


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