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  • n. Plural form of lar.


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  • There is also, he said, a lingering belief in lares.

    High Albania

  • In the mean time, as I am at least one of the principal heroes of my own politics, being secure of any invasion, I am going to leave all my lares, that is, all my antiquities, household gods and pagods, and take a journey into Siberia for six weeks, where my father's grace of

    The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford — Volume 1

  • &c. these formed a kind of aristocratic order, who were distinguished from the minor gods, or from the multitude of ethnic divinities, who were entirely local; that is to say, were reverenced only in particular countries, or by individuals; as in Rome, where every citizen had his familiar spirit, called lares; and household god, called penates.

    The System of Nature, Volume 2

  • We read of earthquakes in the tropics and at the ends of the earth with commiseration, it is true, yet with the fond belief that the ground on which we have built is so firm that our own 'lares' and 'penates' are in no danger of being shaken down.

    A Modern Chronicle — Complete

  • At the feet of the 'lares', those household deities who were supposed to protect the abodes of men, the figure of a barking dog was often placed.

    The Dog

  • There they all are -- Marilyn and Elvis and Jackie together with Oprah and Brangelina and Barack -- a little company of domesticated deities standing in for the lares and penates who sheltered the households of ancient Rome.

    Lewis Lapham: Domesticated Deities: About Messiahs Come to Redeem Our Country, Not Govern It

  • I kissed your cloth shadow . . ." or casting back to the lares and penates of her own childhood "The ritual walk to the bakery, Fridays/before supper.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • For some reason known only to the various technological demons, lares and penates governing this modern age, my computer has recently decided to stop recognsing the wireless modem.

    2008 October « shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

  • He had a great sympathy for the Roman belief in the penates and lares or household gods—this was, he noted, a homely religion.

    Oikos and Logos: Chesterton's Vision of Distributism

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