large-breasted love


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  • She wore jeans ripped at the knees and a tight-fitting white t-shirt that read “Bored Whores” in black print, with a large-breasted woman slouching up against the “B.”

    68 & Riverside

  • She didn't get one, but she did unleash a torrent of pubic-hair-on-a-Coke-can flashbacks, and inspired Justice Thomas 'ex-girlfriend Lillian McEwen, a former prosecutor and law professor, to break her 19-year silence and talk about her "freewheeling sex life" with Thomas in the early' 80s, as well as his porn "obsession" and fascination with large-breasted women.

    Arianna Huffington: Sunday Roundup

  • I'm large-breasted and broad-hipped and I have the bone structure of my Ukrainian and Swedish ancestors who pulled ploughs and hauled logs all day.

    superstars. blighted ones.

  • Good sf (speculative fiction) is never really about the “Oh my God! Lookit the cool ray gun!” or “Lookit that cool dragon that scantily-clad, large-breasted woman is riding!”

    February « 2009 « Axiom's Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • Do you think we will be awed by the number of nubile, dim-witted, improbably large-breasted young ladies your middle-aged "narrator" sleeps with in the throes of his midlife crisis, after leaving his wrinkled shrew of a wife?

    Knock It Off With the Goddamn Brodeo

  • The Fall Guy, on the other hand, was built entirely around car crashes, juvenile humor and large-breasted women in revealing clothes.

    We Pontificate, As Is Our Wont, on the Perils of Sentimentality

  • Another standout has "Law & Order" star Christopher Meloni sharing a coffee with a friend and telling a story about a woman he picked up at the airport -- as he, his friend and the coffee cups keep popping up in the background of the story, looking on at this large-breasted babe like Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Past.

    Sundance Review: ‘Brief Interviews With Hideous Men’ » MTV Movies Blog

  • I smiled at her and eyed the large-breasted girl sitting next to Richie who had a grin plastered on her face.

    Brooklyn Story

  • How do we know after all that some women don't want to look more like a duck, a cat or a large-breasted fish?

    Thanks, Joan Rivers, you're an object lesson to us all | Catherine Bennett

  •   As I quietly contemplate how different my life might have been had I only capitalized on the innate desire of large-breasted women to expose themselves to men who like to look at big boobs, as Hef has, I hear a rumbling above us.

    Hundreds of Hefner Girlfriends Lost, Feared Dead


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