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  • v. Present participle of larn.


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  • She's got a idee o 'larnin' -- never hevin 'hed much schoolin', and we ony takin 'the papers, permiskiss like -- and she says YOU can teach her -- not hevin' anythin 'else to do.

    Drift from Two Shores

  • She did not approve of so much "larnin '" for girls, especially when Beth was "goin 'to be married to that puny Mayfair."

    Beth Woodburn

  • Jake went after "larnin '" as a boy goes for pie at the picnic dinner.

    "Say Fellows—" Fifty Practical Talks with Boys on Life's Big Issues

  • Knowing the need of the young people of his Tennessee mountains, York has made his life purpose to give them "a heap o 'larnin'."

    Blue Ridge Country

  • "A power o 'larnin' in a small headpiece," commented Uncle Chirgwin as he drove home with the girls sitting side by side on his left.

    Lying Prophets

  • "Ef ye're plumb sot on gittin 'larnin' why don't ye git hit right hyar in these mountings?"

    The Call of the Cumberlands

  • Th 'larnin' iv him wud sind Father Kelly back to his grammar.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • Mrs. Warren had a great contempt for education, nevertheless she urged Si's "larnin" as a point in his favor.

    The Durket Sperret,

  • Almost every word was introduced by a harmless swear, the droll thing being that my brother simply took it as a matter of course, and never laughed unless some unusually inventive oath combination was interjected; if the pupil confined himself to ordinary swearing, there was no interruption; he was allowed to rattle along in his own voluble way, letting fly vigorously at the inventor of "larnin '."

    The Shellback's Progress In the Nineteenth Century

  • Do you think I'd let him, who don't do a hand's stirrin 'towards feedin' and clothin 'my children, take one of them away from gettin' larnin 'for nothin'?

    Master William Mitten: or, A Youth of Brilliant Talents, Who Was Ruined by Bad Luck


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