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  • n. Plural form of larynx.


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  • Teach your children to know the lark's note from the nightingale's; the length of their larynxes is their own business, and

    On the Old Road, Vol. 2 (of 2) A Collection of Miscellaneous Essays and Articles on Art and Literature

  • Within twenty-five years, so many of the women would be dead, their lungs, larynxes, and hearts giving out one by one.

    Spoken from the Heart

  • Just as some people hear Doc Orpheus when they read Doc Srange, so, in my mind, does reading this review sear the voice of Phantom Limb onto the larynxes of the Monitors.

    Countdown #49 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • I think Robert A Heinlein did about seven pounds of screed on this subject, through the larynxes of various of his Old Reprobate characters like Jubal Harshaw and Lazarus Long.

    In Defense of the Kindle

  • Implanted in the access node at the base of my skull, the Voice/Mind Integrator intercepted the signals sent from our brains to our artificial larynxes, digitized them into a robotic monotone before we could make a sound, and sent them out to anyone within a three-mile radius, as long as they were tuned into the right frequency.


  • Besides covering some of the same ground, it uses special camera techniques to imbue vintage stills with a sense of movement and employs lots of celebrity larynxes to speak for the dead.

    Lincoln Reconstructed

  • Anything, as long as they don't have to vibrate their larynxes toward a customer.

    Indifference in aisle three

  • We circled the stones ears glued to disembodied voices chanting eerily from plastic larynxes, took photographs easily of flawed, modern man posing in a field of ancient stones understanding nothing.

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • Close your eyes and listen as their larynxes stretch and vibrate with the pain of being an underdog and the joy of being really loud.

    Singing styles on Broadway: Too American Idol?

  • The team was getting jittery and immensely tired of the local food, intestines filled with rice, animal trachea and larynxes, sewed shut and boiled.

    Plan of Attack


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