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  • n. Plural form of lassitude.


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  • In doing so, they themselves had to go through the terrors, the pains, miseries, vexations and lassitudes which the victims and the families of the victims of the crime of apartheid had gone through.

    Address at the tenth anniversary of the establishment of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission

  • Thankfully, Ms Goodchild did not make good on this threat, and though her counsel can certainly argue that this heinous comment was made under duress, the fact, My Lord, is that all women dealing with newborn children suffer from sleep deprivation and its attendant lassitudes, but the vast majority of women do not threaten to kill their children, no matter how fatigued they might be.

    A Special Relationship

  • Now from his new point of view he was to find they were not arranged at all; that government was a compromise of aggressions and powers and lassitudes, and law a convention between interests, and that the poor and the weak, though they had many negligent masters, had few friends.

    The World Set Free

  • Thus -- a vivid fact as yet only in a few hundred skulls or so -- the vast catastrophe of the Great War gathered behind the idle, dispersed and confused spectacle of an indifferent world, very much as the storms and rains of late September gathered behind the glow and lassitudes of

    Mr. Britling Sees It Through

  • This hybrid image of ruin, derived from nullity, concept and contradiction in which all _décadence_ instincts, all cowardices and lassitudes of soul have their sanction!

    Mother Earth, Vol. 1 No. 4, June 1906 Monthly Magazine Devoted to Social Science and Literature

  • Amid the secret desolation of a life which however was not without love, amid her vain regrets for an irrecoverable youth and her horror of the approach of age, amid the empty lassitudes which apparently were all that remained of the excitement caused by Arthur Twemlow's presence,


  • Will it bring into his resumed activities a new purpose or more than the old lassitudes?

    The Mountebank

  • Letters and notes of all kinds; impetuous messages asking him when he would return; letters apologising for her selfishness -- he had better remain with Mount Rorke until his consent had been obtained; resolutions and irresolutions, ardours, lassitudes, forgetfulness followed fast in strange and incomprehensible contradiction.

    Spring Days

  • The mind that can understand one can understand the other, but there are affinities in literature corresponding to, and very analogous to, sexual affinities -- the same unreasoned attractions, the same pleasures, the same lassitudes.

    Confessions of a Young Man

  • The boy's heart that grieves to death for a chorus-girl, the little clerk who mourns to madness for the bright life that flashes from the point of sight of his high office stool, never felt more keenly the nervous pain of desire and the lassitudes of resistance.

    A Mere Accident


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