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  • adj. Quite late
  • adv. Quite late


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late +‎ -ish


  • Third and long from the Cowboy 22, and Weeden converts to Cooper, who takes a lateish hit out of bounds.

    Oklahoma State 41, Stanford 38 - as it happened! | Michael Solomon

  • I had an appointment after work last night and then by the time I got home, settled in, made dinner etc, it was already lateish.

    It's to be expected, after all

  • Now others, not Eli, may say that this is reasoning from the conclusion, but allow the Rabett to point out that others were there many years ago, as countless USENET discussions including this rather lateish one show.

    Rabett Run

  • June 28, 2008 at 4:42 pm ohai sk……….. smammie teh bartender cawled it uh nite….. herz onna east coast an iz gettin lateish……

    lock and load. - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • * Got up lateish, scanned stuff and found old CAPTION photos on my hard-drive that I'd forgotten about

    Not a bad weekend overall

  • That link didn't work at first, but I have chcked it now lateish on Friday night and it's fine.

    auntie joanna writes

  • I spent yesterday - after a cheerful lateish breakfast with nephew and niece and hugs and farewells and "See you next at Christmas!"

    auntie joanna writes

  • Despite the lateish night well, only 12:45 or so we were up fairly bright and early -- Andy and Mardou were staying upstairs and it sounded like Carla was still fairly fast asleep in the sitting room, so we read comics and chatted and had cups of tea until we realized that actually Carla had already had her shower and everything.

    CAPTION2004 was history -- Friday

  • I stayed up lateish finishing my portfolio for spanish, and woke up late this morning.

    jenna-bear Diary Entry

  • And it so came about that lateish in the evening we turned into the smoking-room of the

    Ravensdene Court


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